Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Jack with the donkey


  • born in 1892
  • seven siblings
  • older sister died at age of 11
  • father was a ship captain
  • greatest wish was to follow his father to sea one day
  • it cost half a penny on the river to Shields to Norths Shields - favourite thing to do

Jack in Australia

  • Jack sailed to Australia 
  • worked in the coal mines
  • sailed around the coast of Australia - SSKooringa
  • 1911 Jack spent Christmas Day at sea - dinner was goose, plum pudding and brandy sauce

  • long days training and walking
  • wrote letters to his family 
  • sent his pay back to his family - 2 shillings to mum & 2 in the bank
  • worked from 7.30am until 9.00pm
The Landing

  • first 3 people who arrived at Anzac Cove was shot instantly
  • many men where killed while trying to leave the boats
  • bullets and shrapnel were hitting the plating on the boats
  • they landed 2km from where they were meant to
  • 2 people next to Jack were shot, he tried to save one of them
  • the fighting was nonstop for 3 days and 3 nights
The Donkey
  • Jack used bandages to lead the donkey
  • He made 12 - 15 trips per day
  • Idea came when he saw an injured man beside donkey
  • By mid morning on the 26th April the stretchers were scarce
The Clown Prince

  • Jack deserted his unit, this was a dangerous crime in the war
  • Jack camped and ate with the Indian's of the 21st Kohat Mountain Battery 
  • NZ soldier copied Jack's idea
Anzac Cove
  • all you could hear was the echoing sounds bullets from the cliffs surrounding them 
May 19th
  • 3am Turks launched a massive attack
  • Turks caught out in the open and many lives were lost

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