Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 2 garden research

On one windy Thursday afternoon we did a wonderful thing.Inquiry and we were completing our hat research.Sophie C and Tamati and I were in a group.Miss Shinn told us that we had to get back into our groups.Then Miss Shinn explained to the team leaders that when she called our hat colour to get up and go get our piece of paper and get a book or an iPad if we wanted to we were allowed to get both.Miss Shinn said red hat which was my group so I went and got our piece of paper and brought it to my team.Tamati got a book and so did I,Sophie C got a iPad.We went and sat at a table and worked silently after about 5 minutes Miss Shinn came over and gave us her permission to have the privilege to go and work on a picnic table outside.We went and sat on a table under the tarpaulin.Our research was really hard because we had to try and find a good website and to get on a good website plus great flower information.Sophie C and I had a book each and Tamati had the iPad,yet it was really hard for him to find a good website so Miss Shin came and helped us."yay" we said she had gotten us on an amazing website. Soon as we had found a spectacular flower Miss Shinn told us to go and take a few pictures of our garden so we did. On the way back she called the class to go and sit under the shade of a tree. We all shared our ideas and Miss Sweeny was filming us as us team leaders were exposing our ideas,first went Blue hat after that black then white,green,red and finally yellow. We were done then the bell rung

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