Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 5 Update - Almost half way there!

Sadly this week we will say goodbye to Miss McGrory, she has been a wonderful asset to our classroom over the past month.  The children have all loved the new things that she has been teaching them and their learning has soared with her support.

Our speeches have been amazing!  All students have bravely delivered speeches & Mihi to their classmates, we were very impressed with the high quality of content and presenting.

The practices for this year's Cultural Festival is coming along really well.  The kids are sounding awesome, they are putting in a lot of effort into presenting a great performance, they are also leading the younger members in a really positive way.  Also displayed at the Cultural Festival will be the masks that the students have been busy working on, they look great.  These will be able to be viewed on the students individual blogs in the next few days.

Unfortunately the Zone Netball tournament is cancelled.  Room 6 hope to compete against Ladbrooks and Lincoln after Technology in the next few weeks.  We will be having a go at Handball this Friday.  Keep an eye out for an explanatory video on the blog.  We can't wait after seeing this sport at the Olympics.

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