Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We decided to create a Manu Tukutuku for the 2013 cultural festival.
After reading the brief, we decided that we wanted to include the words,
"With Your Help,We can fly"
After a whole class discussion,we decided to make feathers, representing different cultures and use the language of each culture to say "we can fly".
In reading we learnt about the history of the Manu Tukutuku and the significance of them in Maori culture. This helped us with the design of our kites.
Everyone helped construct the base of the kite and then produced a feather, representing the culture of their choice. Eru drew the face for our kite. We think he did a fantastic job! We believe that our Manu Tukutuku is awesome and truly represents the words "with your help we can fly."

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